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Booboo got with the team over at Bop & Tiger Beat Magazine, a popular teen magazine, to discuss his short film, Intrepid on September 27th, 2012.

The stills you can see in our Photo Archive. 🙂

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The Twilight Saga might be coming to end, but don’t think that’s the last you’ll see of Booboo Stewart, who plays Seth Clearwater in the mega-hit series. Booboo recently sent us these SUPER EXCLUSIVE stills from his newest project, Intrepid, which sounds even more mind-bending than Twilight (just check out Booboo’s description of the plot below – we couldn’t possibly say it better than he did!). We caught up with Booboo to talk about the new movie. Check out what he had to say and another exclusive pic below.

BOP&TB: Can you tell us a little bit about your new movie Intrepid? We saw the pictures, it looks really exciting!

Booboo Stewart: Thank you. Intrepid revolves around a boy named Phoenix who’s determined to turn around his own fate. And the way that he does that is when he’s in a near-death situation, all the outcomes of each action he will take branch out in front of him so he can choose. That’s pretty much what the story’s about, and just the kind of commotion he gets into using those powers to save the people he loves.

BOP&TB: Cool! How did you get involved with that project?

Booboo Stewart: I got involved because I started training in tae kwon do and one of my instructor’s students is the director of Intrepid. We just kind of met up like that, so I get to use my martial arts training in the little tai chi we’re doing.

BOP&TB: Did you get to do, like, your own stunts in the movie?

Booboo Stewart: I did, I did. Most of the time I can’t even do my own stunts but so far, all the fighting I got to do. It was really fun, I was so sore the next day. We really gave it, like, one hundred percent.

BOP&TB: How has working on Intrepid been different from working on Twilight, where a lot of the time when you would be fighting and doing stunts it’s not really you, it’s the CGI wolf you.

Booboo Stewart: Right. It’s definitely more physical. So the guy I was fighting was like, two times bigger than me, so I left a pretty good bruise on him though. It was him attacking me and I had to block so I wasn’t really punching.

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