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Life Story Magazine featured Booboo in their December 2010 issue and the scans were never released in HQ but we have took the time to transcribe and post the article for everyone to enjoy!

We have acquired the full magazine article which filled in the gaps and we have marked them as exclusive sections since it’s not found elsewhere.

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At Home with Booboo Stewart

Introduced to The Twilight Saga in Eclipse as Seth Clearwater, Booboo is already a star of music, martial arts and acting.

Although Booboo Stewart made his Twilight Saga debut in the third film, Eclipse (his character appears briefly in the book New Moon), and has instantly been embraced by the phenomenon surrounding the franchise, the spotlight is certainly nothing new to him.

Born on January 21, 1994 in Beverly Hills, California, Booboo has definitely found himself following a wide variety of passions. In 2002 and 2003, he was deemed Martial Arts World Champion, and the following year he was inducted into the Martial Arts Junior Hall of Fame. Around the same time, he also became part of a band with his sisters, Maegan and Fivel, and together they were known as The Stewart Clan (or TSC for short).

Later, Booboo was part of a Disney group called T-Squad. Intriguing about this is that his interest in music almost began by accident. “I used to skateboard.” He remembers “and I was at a skateboard shop and I saw a guitar in the back and a little amp. I just got a guitar for my birthday and I was like ‘I wonder if he teaches.’ So I asked the guy at the front desk if he taught and he said no, but that he could still teach me. So I just started learning from the back of the skateboard shop. I learned how to play guitar, it was really cool.”

Wrestling was yet another passion of Booboo’s. He became so fascinated with the sport that in January of this year, he became involved with Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling and began conducting interviews for the official website. His column was called “15 Minutes with Booboo Stewart” in which he used to speak to a variety of TNA Wrestlers.

Acting also beckoned him on, and from 2004 to 2010 he managed to score quite a number of credits. On television, he guest-starred on Big Time, ER, Everybody Hates Chris, Blue Dolphin Kids and CSI: Miami. While on the big screen, he could be seen in Yard Sale, Fit Fighter, 18 Fingers of Death, The Conrad Boys, 666: The Child, The Last Sentinel, Uncle P, The Fifth Commandment, American Cowslip, How I Survived The Zombie Apocalypse, Dark Games, Logan, Smitty and 2011’s Jake Stevens: The Last Protector. He also, of course, plays Seth Clearwater in Eclipse and will reprise the role in the two-part Breaking Dawn.

In the following Q&A, Booboo reflects on the making of Eclipse, the character that he plays and different aspects of his life.

LIFESTORY: How does it feel to have become part of such a phenomenon?

BOOBOO: They definitely welcomed me in. Right when I got there, they all shook my hand and introduced themselves, and in between a take, Kristen came over and introduced herself and everyone was so nice. It was like a family, so it was really cool.

LIFESTORY: Booboo, how would you describe your Eclipse character?

BOOBOO: It’s an awesome experience, the fans have been really amazing. My character is Seth Clearwater, he’s one of the shape-shifters and he’s the peacemaker between the wolves and the vampires, because he can’t choose a side. He looks up to both Edward and Jacob. He is kind of like the middleman. He wants everyone to get along. I would also say if he was a real nice person, he would actually kind of be like me — a really down-to-earth, nice guy.

LIFESTORY: Were you a fan of Twilight prior to the movies?

BOOBOO: Actually, my mom’s friends were fans of Twilight. They were Twi-moms, and when they all heard I got to audition to play Seth, they were all like, “Oh my gosh!” So I started reading the books before I got an audition, because I thought I might get an audition for one of the characters, and then I did get one and went in a hundred and ten percent prepared. I know my lines and I read all the books, so I tried to go in as prepared as possible.

LIFESTORY: Was it long before you found out that you had actually gotten cast in the film?

BOOBOO: It took weeks and weeks, and I was definitely sweating it. I was like, “I guess I didn’t get it.” I didn’t think I got it, because it was so long after and I started to think, “Man, that ain’t good.” Then they called and said yes and I was super excited. After that, I had to go through so many weeks of not being able to tell anybody. So that kind of sucked too.

The questions below (inside this quote) are exclusively for The Booboo Files (booboo-stewart.org) as we acquired the magazine just for fan’s use.

LIFESTORY: What characteristics do you personally possess that you think won you the character of Seth?

BOOBOO: I think he’s a real person. I remember one time walking into my school and the teacher said when she saw that I made her smile. I think that Seth Clearwater is the same way: He’s a happy guy, and when people see him, he makes them smile.

LIFESTORY: Considering that you’re a singer, dancer, actor and an expert at martial arts, what is it like to be passionate about so many different things?

BOOBOO: I just know it feels good. I like to be able to practice things and get them down and be able to do anything. I just like it. The only thing I don’t do is surf, but I would for a movie. But in real life, I’m a little too scared of sharks. [laughs] I wouldn’t want to have my arm bitten off. Then I wouldn’t be able to play guitar.

LIFESTORY: Besides the encouragement of your family, can you describe what inner drive within you kept you going through all the practices and studies it takes to get to the level you’ve reached in these different areas?

BOOBOO: You’ve got to keep on going and never give up, I just think that everything will work out for the right reason; you’ve just got to let it work out. Just trying really hard and having the family to support and motivate me really helps. I love to do what I do and I’m happy I’m doing it.

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LIFESTORY: Are there any actors that you feel are an inspiration to you?

BOOBOO: Heath Ledger was my favorite actor; Jackie Earle Haley is a great actor that I look up to.

LIFESTORY: Because Eclipse is so physical, did all of your training — particularly in dancing — help you at all?

BOOBOO: Definitely. Actually, when I first started dancing, I did ballet, tap, jazz, breakdancing, hip-hop — a lot of the balance from karate really helped the ballet and jazz and stuff. Karate also gave me a lot of discipline. When you do karate, it’s a lot of discipline. That helps a lot when I’m on sets, because there is a lot of waiting around when you’re shooting a movie. In this business in general, there’s a lot of waiting. [laughs] So, yes, it all comes together. I do have to say that the stunts in the film were different from anything else I’ve done, mainly because when they fight, they fight as wolves. But hopefully in the future films, we’ll be able to fight as humans. That would be neat. The other guys had to worry about the CGI effects, but I didn’t have to be involved with any of that. But I do want to learn how to do all that someday.

LIFESTORY: If you had to choose in real life to be either a vampire or a werewolf, which one would you choose?

BOOBOO: I think I’d want to be a shapeshifter, because you could go out in the day without shining and you can turn whenever you want. So it’s kind of like “Sure, I want to be a wolf now,” or “I don’t want to be a wolf.” I really enjoy my character Seth, so I’d like to be him. LS