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This article was originally posted on TNAWrestling.com and is no longer available, but we have made it available for all fans of Booboo.

Originally Posted: January 15th, 2010

Hello TNA Wrestling fans. This is Booboo Stewart here and I am so excited to be able to be involved with TNA Wrestling and to get to interview some of the very best wrestlers in the world today. I have been a huge wrestling fan since I was 5 and this is really cool. Since this is my first column, I wanted to interview someone very special and someone who really defines TNA and I think I got the right person!

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to interview current TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and one of my favorite wrestlers, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles.

Booboo Hi AJ. Thanks for taking the time to be my very first interview on TNAWrestling.com

AJ Styles My pleasure. I think it’s pretty cool that as busy as you are with the upcoming Twilight movie and other projects, you wanted to be involved with TNA.

Booboo Most definitely. I’d like to start this off by asking you when you were little did you ever think you would be a pro wrestler?

AJ Styles Actually, no. Like every other kid who was an athlete, I thought I was going to be a basketball player or football player or baseball player, but never a pro wrestler. Wrestling was something I watched when I was younger and me and my brother beat up quite a few stuffed animals on a regular basis, but it’s not something I thought I would make a career out of.

Booboo That’s interesting. What type of athletic background did you have in high school and college?

AJ Styles Well, I was a 2-time Georgia state champion in wrestling at Johnson High School in Gainesville, GA, where I graduated in 1996. I also played many other sports through out my high school years. I then attended college at Anderson College in Anderson, South Carolina on a wrestling scholarship. I participated in the NAIA National Tournament before I made the decision to leave college and pursue my passion for pro wrestling.

Booboo On the live iMPACT on Monday, January 4, you had an incredible match with Kurt Angle that made me and probably everyone else in the world remember why they love wrestling. At the conclusion of the match, Hulk Hogan came out and stated “those are the two greatest wrestlers in this business today”, talking about you and Kurt. In your opinion, who is the best pro wrestler of all times?

AJ Styles I think there are so many different aspects and factors that play into who the “best wrestler” is, it’s hard to pick one.

Booboo That’s understandable. Let me rephrase the question, when you were growing up, who did you idolize? Who was the wrestler that gave you your passion for pro wrestling?

AJ Styles Ok, that’s a little easier. Like every other kid watching the NWA…woooooooooo… Ric Flair!

Booboo Speaking of kids, you yourself are a father of 3 sons, Ajay, Avery, and Albey. Would you want your kids to follow in your footsteps and get into the wrestling business?

AJ Styles If it was something they wanted to pursue, after graduating college and exploring their options, I would be supportive because it’s what they know and the environment they grew up in.

Booboo That sounds a lot like what my dad would say, seeing as he is an actor and was supportive of my interest in getting into it as well. With 3 sons already, would you like to have a daughter as well or are you done?

AJ Styles Haha. We were hoping number 3 would be a girl, but not so much, we got Albey. And…we’re done.

Booboo Now, moving on to another subject, I hear that you are interested in getting into acting and movies. Is this true?

AJ Styles Yes.

Booboo What type of movies would you like to do?

AJ Styles I would like to throw my hat into everyone. I’d love to take my wrestling fame to another level and build my resume. Right now, I am just looking for the opportunity.

Booboo Any films or roles in discussion?

AJ Styles Well, the fourth movie in The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, would be great to be a part of. I would make a perfect werewolf alongside yourself and Taylor Lautner.

Booboo That would be interesting. Have you ever been to Hollywood before?

AJ Styles I have been around the Hollywood/LA area many, many times, but have actually not had the chance to officially check it out, but look forward to coming out there real soon. When is The Twilight Saga: Eclipse red carpet event again?

Booboo Sometime in June. I’m guessing The Phenomenal One would like to attend.

AJ Styles Booboo, I would have to say you are correct.

Booboo That would be very cool. Who would you say your favorite actor is?

AJ Styles Ryan Reynolds. He has been in so many different types of movies such as Van Wilder, The Proposal, Waiting, Just Friends, and Blade Trinity, and is always entertaining.

Booboo And your favorite movie?

AJ Styles Forrest Gump.

Booboo I know you are happily married, but who is your celebrity crush?

AJ Styles Kristen Bell from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Veronica Mars.

Booboo What was your first date like?

AJ Styles Actually, I can only remember as far back as my first date with my wife, which was at a Burger King with 2 whoppers and fries to share. We were seniors in high school.

Booboo That’s so cool that you married your high school girlfriend! While everyone loves a whopper and fries, what would be your perfect dinner?

AJ Styles Papa John’s pizza, a Diet Coke, and an Xbox 360 controller in my hand. As you can tell, I’m the romantic type (kidding).

Booboo What type of hobbies do you have?

AJ Styles Video games, plain and simple. I have my Xbox with me anywhere I go.

Booboo You are obviously very talented in the ring and looking to show off your talents in the acting world, but do you have any hidden talents people might not know of?

AJ Styles This is an interesting one. I can balance every one of my kids on my hand. I’m not sure if that’s really a talent of mine or theirs.

Booboo Nice. You have been wrestling for over 11 years now. How long do you want to continue wrestling?

AJ Styles Truthfully, as long as my body lets me. Wrestling is something I love to do and want to make sure I am able to give 110% every time I step into the ring.

Booboo Before we finish up the interview, my younger sister Fivel Stewart wanted to have some fun and throw 5 random topics at you and see what your thoughts are.

Five with Fivel:

Twilight – Looking forward to watching the first one and the second one and the third one!

Jonas Bros. – I have been catching a lot of them on Disney because my kids watch Disney so much. I think they are very talented and positive role models not only for kids, but also for my kids.

Hulk Hogan – The man that will be taking us (TNA) to the next level.

Twittering – Don’t have it, don’t read it, and don’t get it.

Rap Music – I am a big fan of Christian rap. I love Lecrae. (AJ doesn’t listen to mainstream rap or know who they are). Also, Grits from Tennessee who perform my current TNA theme music.

Booboo Good stuff. What’s your favorite style of music?

AJ Styles Hip-Hop.

Booboo As we finish up, I wanted to say thank you again and find out what you see in the future for TNA?

AJ Styles I think it’s as simple as this; Total Nonstop Action, the sky’s the limit, keep watching. We will make an impact!

Booboo Thank you so much AJ for taking the time to spend 15 Minutes with me. Its greatly appreciated and I want to wish you only the best as you move forward and hope to see you out on a red carpet sometime soon.

AJ Styles You got it. Keep up your hard work too. As we both can attest to, hard work does pay off. Take care.

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Stay tuned for my next interview coming soon. And on January 18, tune in to see me on CSI: Miami!

— Booboo

PLEASE NOTE: The Twitter handle for Booboo in the original article is no longer valid, his twitter is @booboostewart