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Originally Posted: May 10th, 2010

TNAwrestling.com is happy to have Booboo Stewart as a regular contributor! Booboo is one of the most popular young stars in Hollywood, and appears in the upcoming “Twilight: Eclipse” movie saga hitting theaters in June. Booboo will be conducting interviews with the TNA Superstars right here on the TNA website.

Welcome back TNA Wrestling fans for a new interview I had the chance to do this past week. The last time I had the opportunity to interview someone it was Kurt Angle, right before TNA began the road to the Lockdown PPV. Now, that has past and many new faces have popped up in TNA including one of my all time favorites, Jeff Hardy!!! Check it out!

Booboo Hi Jeff! Not sure if you remember, but I met you a few years ago in an airport. You were great; you walked all the way to my gate with me so my mom could take a pic for me. I hate flying–do you mind it?

Hardy Hi Booboo. Cool name! Traveling gets old when you’re flying everyday and the truth is travel is almost as rough as the wrestling is when you are on a fulltime schedule. It definitely wears you down, but it’s a must to get to the shows, so I really don’t mind it, I don’t have much of a choice haha. And as far as taking the time to take a picture with you, I love my fans and my theory is we are all human and just have a different job so I always go out of my way to support the people that appreciate what I do. Without my fans, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you.

Booboo With that said, do you consider yourself a role model?

Hardy Definitely, yes. I know I am. I never forget where I came from to get where I am today and that’s a huge important thing. Don’t ever forget where you started. Always consider yourself human and remain down to earth. And treat your fans with the respect they deserve and you’ll get all that back in the long run.

Booboo Who was your first pro wresting match against–did you win?

Hardy My first TV match was against Scott Hall. I was only 16 years old, like you are now, and it was a pretty special time for me. And no, I did not win. I actually started wrestling around a few years prior in Omega when I was around 14 in my backyard. Back in those Omega days, I was known as Willow The Wisp. I would love to see my alternative personality show up in TNA one day.

Booboo What’s your favorite wrestling move?

Hardy I would have to say the Swanton Bomb because its my finisher. I actually modified the name from Senton Bomb to Swanton Bomb. It have done it since the beginning of my career and its great that everyone is accepting. It’s also won me the World Heavyweight Championship so it works!

Booboo What’s your favorite type of match?

Hardy The Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match (more commonly referred to as a TLC Match). This is my favorite by far because that is my comfort zone; I feel at home.

Booboo With all of the crazy moves you do and different types of matches you have been in, what’s the worse injury you have had in wrestling?

Hardy In wrestling, it was ironically involving my favorite move and favorite type of match. The first time I did a Swanton Bomb off of a ladder through a table in a TLC match onto Brother Ray from Team 3D, I bruised both my heels and cracked my tail bone. Thankfully, that’s probably the worst injury I have sustained. I have been very luck.

Booboo I’ve been a fan for years and I see you use a bunch of different types of weapons in the ring –what’s your favorite?

Hardy It seems like I keep going back to them, but the steel chair, ladders and tables. And recently, at Lockdown last month in St. Louis, the kendo stick was pretty fun to use to destroy Beer Money.

Booboo With all of that said, what’s your favorite match you have had?

Hardy Overall, it would have to be at WrestleMania X-Seven in Houston. It was the second TLC Match and it’s the one where Edge speared me when I was hanging from the belt hook above the ring. In TNA, it was definitely Monster’s Ball from the first ever Bound for Glory in 2005. It was me, Abyss, Rhino and Sabu. Both of those matches were matches with stipulations. If you want to know about my favorite regular match of all time, it was at Great American Bash 2008 against Umaga.

Booboo I know you have a band. What type of music do you guys play?

Hardy I haven’t come up with a name for the specific type of music yet. Sometimes I refer to my poetry as “emoetry”…written emotion, but to best describe it, it’s a combination of alternative rock and grunge metal. My band is called Peroxwhy?gen and you can check us out at http://www.myspace.com/peroxwhygenrocks.

Booboo What instrument do you play and when did you start playing?

Hardy Truth is, I don’t really play any instrument well. I’m still learning guitar. I have become very good at making my own beats with drum machines and Korg Triton keyboard. My main talent is writing lyrics.

Booboo You have been doing motocross since you were younger than me–any cool stories?

Hardy Yes, definitely. A good one was from the second race in my life. I was still novice. I almost pulled the holeshot out of 40 riders, but after the first turn, I hit a drop off and went sideways and ate it and snapped my collar bone in half. This created a huge pile up. It’s the only bone I’ve broken in my career which is weird considering I am a pro wrestler.

Booboo I hear you are an artist–what type of art –painting, sculpting?

Hardy Painting more than anything now. I do make allumininumis. They are sort of like sculpting, made with plastic bottles, duck tape and a chrome foil tape.

Booboo I know you have a lot of tattoos. Do they have special meaning?

Hardy No not really. I’m just a fan of tattoos in general. If I had to pick one, I would say The Hardy Boyz symbol on the back on my neck has the most meaning because I designed it. It’s a symbol of my brother Matt and my careers and I got it the night my mobile home burnt down so it has extra special meaning.

Booboo How does it feel to be a part of TNA?

Hardy This is my second time around and it feels amazing. Thankfully, I had a good run up at the other company and got to become World Heavyweight Champion 3 times before coming back. That really helped completed a dream of mine to be that champion. Now, I have one more goal and that is to be TNA World Heavyweight Champion to complete my collection.

Booboo If you could pick anyone–who would be your tag team partner?

Hardy I have had a lot of success with my brother Matt as we have won many tag team championships together, but if you are asking about someone I haven’t teamed with, without question, Hulk Hogan. He is a legend – the legend – and it would be a dream.

Booboo What would be your dream match?

Hardy It would be “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy against “The Icon” Sting in a paint vs. paint match. I’m talking about the crow version (current) Sting. It has never happened before, but never say never.

Booboo Also, we do a thing called “Five with Fivel” where my sister throws 5 random topics at you to see what your thoughts are. I know she has a few good ones–so here you go.

Twilight – Vegetarian Vampires.
Lady Gaga – Bad Romance.
UFC – Bloodshed.
Screamer Rock Music – I hate it if I can’t understand the lyrics.
Chocolate – Willy Wonka

Booboo Before we go, do you have anything else you would like to say to the fans?

Hardy Yes. Pro wrestling to me is an art form and it’s a physical soap opera and a great mix between theatre and Hollywood movies and all that combined is what this profession is. I think I stand out so much because I offer more than a lot of other guys (into painting, motocross, music, etc.) This really helps me stand out. I believe it is sometimes easy to fit in, but hard to stand out. Follow your dreams and utilize your talents.

Booboo Thanks! You are definitely one of the most talented wrestlers alive-it’s been a privilege.

Hardy Thank you Booboo. And by the way I hear you are quite the musician. Maybe one day in the future we can do a song together.

Booboo You name the time — let’s do it! Take care.

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— Booboo

PLEASE NOTE: The Twitter handle for Booboo in the original article is no longer valid, his twitter is @booboostewart