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Originally Posted: June 29th, 2010

TNAwrestling.com is happy to have Booboo Stewart as a regular contributor on the website. Booboo is one of the most popular young stars in Hollywood, and appears in the “Twilight: Eclipse” movie. Booboo will be conducting interviews with the TNA Superstars right here on the TNA website.

Hello TNA Wrestling fans! Since interviewing Jeff Hardy last month, I have been crazy busy getting ready for the release of Twilight Eclipse. I have been traveling the world and even released a new song on iTunes that me and Fivel did called “Rainy Day”. This past Thursday was the big Hollywood red carpet premier of Twilight Eclipse and I even got a surprise phone call from Jeff Hardy to congratulate me on the big day! It was awesome.

Now tonight (Tuesday, June 29), well really, tomorrow morning at 12:01AM is the nationwide release of Twilight Eclipse. I will be on Lopez Tonight tonight and earlier today, I had the chance to interview “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan, the DNA of TNA. Check it out!

Booboo Hi Matt. Thanks for taking the time to spend 15 Minutes here with me on TNAWrestling.com.

Matt Hey Booboo; interesting name. Thank you for picking “The Blueprint” as the star to interview especially this week, when the big movie is coming out. I’m sure you are extremely busy, but it is your honor to interview me, so finding the time must have been easy.

Booboo Ok then….So I know you started as a basketball player–if you could choose between wrestling and basketball, which would it be?

Matt I’ve already made that decision. When I was 5 or 6, the whole Andre the Giant getting his hair cut by Big John Studd incident made me cry and that was my first experience in life emotionally investing myself into anything at that point. So as a fan, I could not get enough of pro wrestling from that point on. As a kid, I played basketball, football, and baseball from about age 6 through my teenage years. I stopped playing baseball after high school, but got a full ride to college for football and basketball. At that age, I didn’t know how you could get into pro wrestling and it was much easier to play regular, more traditional sports, but during all those years, I was watching wrestling every single week. I could not miss it. In college, the guys on the basketball team would call me “Big Sexy”, ironic now that I work with Kevin Nash here in TNA.

My focus on wrestling really came to the forefront when I was at Tornoto Raptors camp. It was around the same time I had first got in contact with the wrestling promoter of that other company. Throughout my Raptors and Pacers camp, all I could think about was pro wrestling and how I really, really caught the wrestling bug! This was even before I started training for it. After a long conversation with my family and, at the time, my old basketball agent, I made it very clear that I don’t have passion for basketball anymore and wrestling took its place. It was all in about the matter of a month. So I asked my agent to cancel any more tryout camps. I didn’t want to do it anymore even though I had others to show up. I asked him to politely uninvited me so I could give wrestling a legitimate chance.

Booboo I read you are acting now–do you want to pursue that?

Matt I definitely want to pursue acting, yes. However, I’m still on stride to be hitting my prime as a pro wrestler and I put way too much time and energy and sacrifices in to not see my wrestling career through until I am the top dog at TNA. I am The Blueprint of wrestling and the DNA of TNA. However, part of being the top dog in TNA is gaining our company its much deserved mainstream respect. Luckily, I do enjoy acting, I’m good at it, and ill continue to pursue acting on my off days from TNA to garner that mainstream media attention that TNA’s top dog could only get.

Booboo You recently filmed an episode of “The Good Guys” for FOX. How was that experience?

Matt Ridiculously fun. Although, I got to admit there is a new found respect I have for actors and the patients that’s involved with pulling 12-16 hour days straight. For instance, one of my fight scenes was filmed in Dallas, TX with 118 degree heat index and I had to wear a prison jump suit and Hannibal lector mask for all 12 of those hours. 3 of us that were doing fight scene had nurses on site that kept feeding us Pedialyte to make sure we were hydrated enough as we were starting to get dehydrated and dizzy and were only minutes away from blacking out. But for me, that was a definitive test to know whether or not acting is something I want to pursue. And the fact that I didn’t flick everyone off and fly back home to Orlando, for me, was a testament that this is what I want to do with my future. The best part of filming “The Good Guys” for me was how complimentary Bradley Whitford, Colin Hanks, and my director were of my acting skills. Out of just this role, I’ve been told there will be many more acting opportunities for me in the future so I am very excited. Make sure to check it out. It is set to premier on Monday Night, August 2 on FOX at 9PM ET. What else would you do on a Monday night? There is nothing better on TV on Mondays nights then anyways.

Booboo Looking back what would be your favorite wrestling match?

Matt As a fan, I have a tie for first place. There are 2 and they are equal. WrestleMania 3 with Andre the Giant vs. Hulk Hogan and the other is the entire Andre the Giant and Big John Stuff feud. For me as a wrestler, it was definitely vs. Kurt Angle at TNA Bound for Glory in 2009. This was my favorite because Kurt Angle is the best in the world and it was the climax of a 6-8 month feud between me and Kurt. That was also the same night when I met some scrawny little actor kid, oh wait a minute…wasn’t that when I met you?

Booboo You have wrestled all over the world. How was it wrestling in Japan?

Matt I enjoy wrestling all over the world because now you are getting a different gauge, specifically what each country either likes or dislikes. So for me it’s fun and refreshing to get to change your game plan right then and there in the middle of the ring by gauging this new audience. I did 58 tours of Japan between 3 companies, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Hustle, and All Japan Pro Wrestling over a 2 year span. I never had a month off here in America. Japan particularly helped me to become more aggressive in the ring and that’s where I learned the old adage: “do now, apologize later.”

Booboo So tell me how was it working on the TV show American Gladiators?

Matt It was fun being the biggest star on American Gladiators. It was something I watched as a kid. As a child watching the show, I thought those Gladiators were bigger than life; physically enormous. So for me to go down in American Gladiator’s history as the physically biggest Gladiator of all time, it is awesome. Working on American Gladiators is where I really started to feel comfortable talking with Hulk Hogan, who was the host of the show. And as I recall on my first contest on that show, before we went out and did the event, Hulk pulled me aside and told me if he gives me a specific cue, my microphone will be on in my helmet and I will have an opportunity to speak and trash talk my opponent pending me winning that bout. That was really cool for me because that was my very first speaking chance on the show and it was in my debut and it ended up being a quote that was ran on every NBC commercial for the rest of the series.

Booboo I understand you were diagnosed with ADHD and you speak about it–how has living with that affected you professionally?

Matt I think I picked the perfect profession to live with ADHD and still be a very productive member of society. Pro wrestling is ideal for my ADHD actually for 2 reasons. One thing is you are the center of attention, the spotlights on you, or me haha. The other reason is wrestling, especially TNA, is an ever evolving business which keeps you on your toes and your never stuck doing the same old thing day after day which people with ADHD do phenomenal in those type of situations.

Booboo We do a lot of charity work and I have recently been named a celebrity ambassador for MDA–I know you are involved with the DARE program–tell me about that.

Matt I’m honored to be the spokesman for DARE here in Florida. I took it upon myself with the help of Dixie Carter and Mike Weber from TNA to approach the DARE company officials in Florida to tell them why I want to be part of helping shape young lives. Recently, in the spring of 2010, I have done over 20 DARE speaking engagements at different schools and graduations in the area. Im’ also honored to be a spokesman for the Police Athletic League. It’s a whole different demo then the DARE speeches, because with PAL I get the chance to deal with inner-city teenagers who can either take the path towards success or unfortunately, downward spiral to failure. And that’s a big responsibility that I am honored to take seriously.

Booboo Who would you most want to wrestle?

Matt In my career, there are many guys I would love to have the chance to get in the ring with and many of them I already have such as Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, John Cena, Eddie Guerrero, and Big Show. The 3 dream matches for me would be against Andre the Giant, but that sadly cannot happen, The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan. With that said, I am hopeful that one day, Hulk will put the boots back on here in TNA and get inside the ring and wrestle me.

Booboo Who do you think will go down in time as the most influential wrestler?

Matt For the business as a whole, without a doubt, Hulk Hogan. He changed the entire landscape of professional wrestling in the 80s, 90s and now again in 2010 here in TNA. He is the first one to make mainstream take notice of pro wrestling and accept it. For me personally, growing up both as a kid and a wrestler in the business, The Undertaker was a guy that is same height and weight as me and he’s the first athletic giant in wrestling that I was in awe of.

Booboo Where do you want to be in 10 years professionally?

Matt At that point in my career, I BETTER be remembered as one of the most dominant TNA World Heavyweight Champions of all time in history as well as the best big man in the industry.

Booboo Also, before we finish up, we do a thing called “Five with Fivel” where my sister throws 5 random topics at you to see what your thoughts are — so here you go.

Eclipse – It is a blockbuster that potentially could be the highest grossing movie in opening night box office history yet, that is…until The Blueprint stars in his very first major motion picture.

Lady Gaga – Who cares?

Ice Cream – It hurts my teeth.

The Lakers – Hate them and hate Kobe even more. Although, I can claim that on a fast break at an Adidas All American Camp, I pinned the living crap out of Kobe’s weak layup attempt against the backboard with 2 hands. The Celtics could have used The Blueprint in The Finals.

Break Dancing – I would say from 1st grade to mid-3rd grade is when break dancing was really popular with me and my friends. Pathetically enough, I would show up to school with my Puma suedes and fat shoe laces and after school, me and my friends would take a cardboard box and put it on the ground of the garage, turn up the radio and actually break dance! Where I would proceed to embarrass myself is by doing sweet moves like the windmill, the worm, and popping. And all other hours of the day, would be consumed by paying homage to the classic movie, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo starring none other than Turbo, Ozone, and Kelly.

Booboo Well, thanks for your time. It’s been great talking with you

Matt You’re welcome. One more thing; why wasn’t The Blueprint in Twilight Eclipse? I better be in the next installment, Breaking Dawn, or else, that picture of me “pretending” to choke you, well, it will become a reality.

Booboo Umm….ok? No promises. Take care. And don’t forget to head out to your local theaters tonight and if its not already sold out, check out Twilight Eclipse!

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Stay tuned for my next interview coming soon and be sure to watch TNA iMPACT! on Thursday Nights at 9 PM ET/PT on Spike TV. I know I will be!

— Booboo

PLEASE NOTE: The Twitter handle for Booboo in the original article is no longer valid, his twitter is @booboostewart