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On this special page, we highlight Nils Allen Stewart & Renee Stewart, who are none other than Booboo’s beautiful parents and major supporters of anything he does in his career.

Birth Name:Nils Allen Stewart
Date of Birth:July 19th, 1961
Occupation:Stunt Man / Coordinator
Ethnicity:Russian, Scottish & Blackfoot Native American

“I would always try to skip school to go to set with my dad because I loved it”

— Booboo Stewart

Nils Allen Stewart, Sr was born on July 19, 1961 and is a professional Stunt Man and Stunt Coordinator and as worked on various movies and television shows. He is of Russian, Scottish & Blackfoot Native American and perhaps most known for his stunt work on The Mask (1994), Space Cowboys (2000) & Planet of the Apes (2001). Nils was also a pro-wrestler for International Wrestling Federation (IWF) which was ran be Eddie Mansfield for a short time.

Although Nils and Renee are no longer together they have four children: Maegan, Booboo, Fivel and Sage. Together, the entire family is supportive of Booboo’s (and Fivel’s) career and supports all his forms of branching out even attending multiple events with Booboo.

Birth Name:Renee (Stewart)
Date of Birth:September 1st
Occupation:Manager / Make-Up Artist
Ethnicity:Chinese, Japanese & Korean

My mom was a professional fitness competitor, so I go into the gym with her. […] she’s really strong.

— Booboo Stewart

Renee Stewart (birth last name unknown) was born on September 1st and is a former small business owner, personal trainer as well as being the manager of Booboo and his siblings. She is of Chinese, Japanese and Korean descent and was married to Nils Allen Stewart, Sr until their divorce, where they have four children: Maegan, Booboo, Fivel & Sage together.

Other than the basic, not much is known about Renee as she keeps mostly quiet and deals a lot with the behind the scenes. It’s unknown if she’s as involved in Booboo’s career since her divorce even though she often shows her support for Booboo through her Instagram page.