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On this special page, we highlight Booboo’s amazingly talented sisters; Maegan, Fivel and Sage Stewart as they support him in all his career choices as much as his parents do, even attending 95% of events with him.

Birth Name:Maegan Renee Stewart
Date of Birth:March 20th
Occupation:Dancer / Actress / Stunt Woman
Children:One (Girl)

Maegan Renee Stewart was born on March 20th and is the least known of Booboo’s sisters as she focuses more of her time on being a mother to a beautiful daughter. She has done some acting during her time, mostly on projects that her father has been a part of as well; even appearing in 666: The Child with Booboo.

Maegan is also a dancer and stunt woman as well as an actress and full time mother. She’s the oldest of the four siblings.

Birth Name:Trent Heaven Stewart
Date of Birth:November 4th, 1996
Occupation:Actress / Singer

When I was younger, my grandma had the Fievel Mouse doll and I guess someway I looked like it.

— Fivel Stewart

Fivel Stewart was born on November 4th, 1996 and is perhaps the second most known Stewart sibling as she often accompanies Booboo to all of his events apart from being an actress in her own right where she is most known for Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft (which she did alongside Booboo), T@gged and Atypical.

Along with being an actress, Fivel is also a singer where she has mostly performed alongside Booboo in various acts as Booboo & Fivel and 5L. Other ventures seen Fivel join Booboo in various interviews, photoshoots, bands, martial arts and movies. They are very close siblings as Booboo is with all his sisters.

Birth Name:Sage Stewart
Date of Birth:November 14th, 2005
Height:6’0″ (may be taller, as she stands taller than Booboo)

Sage Stewart was born on November 14th, 2005 making her the youngest sibling and is following in the footsteps of her older sister and brother (Fivel & Booboo respectively) as an actress in her own right. Her first movie credit as an actress was granted alongside Booboo when they both starred in Hope Bridge and from there she has appeared in a few movies as minor and secondary characters. She’s also appeared in American Satan and set to star in Ass Clowns: Constipated both of them with Booboo.

Other than acting, she’s also a skilled martial artist (like the rest of her family) and is into painting as well like Booboo.