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Originally Posted: June 4th, 2010

This week for Fansite Friday we have a great interview with Seth Clearwater himself, Booboo Stewart!  Be sure to check back next Friday for our interview with Jodelle Ferland.

Q: I just wanted to ask you a quick question about your stunt work in Eclipse. Can you tell us a little bit about whether you did stunt work and if so what types of stunts?

Booboo: You know I can’t really say too much about like if I did stunt work on the film. But hopefully in the future ones I’ll get to fight more as a human. That’d be awesome, you know?

Q: Seth and Leah are pretty close in the Twilight Saga, did you and Julia do anything special to bond before filming since you’re (characters) brother and sister?

BooBoo: You know we didn’t really bond before filming. We actually didn’t have a chance to. When I got on set she was super nice and we rode with each other on the way to set actually. She’s a really, really cool person and she’s a really nice girl. And I’ve actually seen her since, she’s still exactly the same – really nice.

Q: In the movie and books, he (Seth) looks up to Jacob a lot as his mentor. You being one of the newer members of the wolf pack on the film, did you have any actor in real life on the set that you looked up to?

BooBoo: No, I think it’s amazing being involved with that caliber of actors. They’re just so amazing and everyone on set was extremely nice. From the moment I got there, they all introduced themselves to me and in-between the takes Kristen came over and introduced herself to me and she was really nice. Just really amazing people to work with and I had a great time.

Q: Have you at all seen any concept art or anything for your wolf CG form yet for the film?

BooBoo: Oooh, seen any concept or art for my wolf for the film?  Not yet. (laughs) But I would love to, I mean that would be awesome.

Q: You talked briefly about bonding with Julia, and since you guys were kind of the new kids on the block in this film; did it take some time for you to bond with the rest of the cast? And how did that go for you?

Boo: Oh not at all. When I was doing my scene everyone was just so cool and you just felt at home when you got there. Everyone was just really nice. Kristen and Taylor were especially really nice to me and you know it was just really cool. Just being on set makes me feel happy and, like, you know – yeah going to do a movie and seeing it all come together, and get it on the big screen, and it just feels good.

Q: If you can’t talk about stunt work, I know that you and Taylor have martial arts experience/ background together and I was wondering if you guys ever just kind of hit the dojo together after shooting for fun?

BooBoo: Actually, not while we were shooting, but one time I was doing a … what was it… a photo shoot for a magazine called Kono Magazine and he was there and that’s when he got done doing the first Twilight; and we got to see each other and hang out and do some flips on the mat and stuff, so there we did.

Q: Can you tell us what the fans should expect from Seth?

BooBoo: Oooh, what fans should expect from Seth… I think exactly what you read in the book. I’m working really hard to play the role exactly how you guys are reading it in the book and I think you guys are going to enjoy it. I hope so. (laughs) If not, then that’s bad!

Q: We’ve heard a lot about just crazy fan experiences from other cast members and now that you’re kind of new to all of this have you experienced anything yet? Are you kind of freaked out about it?

BooBoo: I think it’s incredible. The fans of Twilight are the best things about Twilight I think. If it wasn’t for the fans it wouldn’t be this big, and I think that’s so awesome so thank you so much for watching the movies and showing up at the premieres, and showing up at events. I think it’s so awesome now, people really enjoy it. That’s great, I love it.

Q: What was your best memory from filming Eclipse?

BooBoo: My best memory was when I was sitting there on a log actually, and I look over to my right and David Slade, the director, was doing Karate or something behind the scenes, acting like he was beating the camera up; like Russian dance moves. (laughs) It was just hilarious.

Q: What scene are you most looking forward to seeing in the final version of Eclipse?

BooBoo: What scene I’m looking forward to seeing? I’m actually looking forward to seeing the whole movie. I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie. And thank you Twilight Moms you guys are awesome, my Mom’s friends are Twilight Moms. When they heard I had an audition they were like “Oh my gosh!”  That’s awesome, thank you.

Q: Can you tell us about your most challenging scene to film? Like if it involved stunt work or was it more emotional, or just something that was kind of challenging for you?

BooBoo: Challenging was actually getting in better shape for the role for Seth. And I still go to the gym and I’m still keeping in shape. But I put on about, like, 10 or 15 pounds since then, from the filming; but my Mom’s a personal trainer. She really helped me get in better shape for the film. That’s the most challenging thing. And watching what you eat, at Kraft Services because the M&Ms looked really good.

Q: What’s it like to play one of the most really loved characters in the Twilight Saga, I mean Seth is always one of everyone’s absolute favorites. Did it add any pressure to the role?

BooBoo: I think to play someone’s favorite – that definitely adds pressure because you want to make sure you have the character down for the fans so they’re not disappointed. And a lot of kids my age love the character and I think that’s amazing, that’s something I can relate to because we’re all the same age kind of. You know what I mean? And I think it’s really awesome that people love this character and I’m really trying to do the best I can to make sure it’s what they see in their eyes.

Q: So I wanted to know, your character Seth probably in CGI form is in one of, if not the most famous fight scenes in all of the Twilight Saga. How did you feel about knowing that your character gets to be a part of that particular scene? (And I’m referring to the Rob, Victoria, Seth fight)

BooBoo: Actually when I was reading the books, I was like whoa he’s in an awesome fight scene; he rips someone’s arm off!  That’s awesome! It’s sort of really cool to be a part of that to rip someone’s arm off.  No, it feels great, I think that’s a great part of the book, Eclipse is actually my favorite book because of that whole scene.

Q: Who do you think you bonded most with on the set of Eclipse?

BooBoo: Who did I bond with most on the set?   (Inaudible) We got to see a lot of Vancouver which is really awesome. We just had a good time you know. Vancouver is amazing actually. Vancouver actually has black squirrels so that was really neat.

Q: You’re adding to the list of Twilight stars who are very musically talented. Did you get a chance to jam with anyone? Are you branching out into more music work in the future, can we see anything more of that?

BooBoo: Yeah actually, me and my two sisters, Fivel Stewart and Megan Stewart, obviously my youngest sister Sage is too young to do anything she’s only four. (laughs)  But she’ll be competing in Karate soon hopefully. But anyway back to the music… Yeah, Megan Stewart and Fivel Stewart my two sisters, we all sing and play guitar. We just recorded a new song actually; we’re going to New York and Ohio to do some shows, so it should be really fun we’re having a good time.

Q: Are you still able to kind of go about your daily life like a regular person or has your life kind of reached that level of Twilight fame where it’s hard to go get a bite to eat or go shopping?

BooBoo: Oh yeah I can still go out. I get recognized now so that’s something new and something really cool and it seems awesome. I’m still myself and I’m always going be myself and I always have my family around which really helps, so they’re really supportive.

Q: I’m really interested in how the Twilight stars are out-reaching in the philanthropist community and I’ve seen a lot of you going with the Midnight Mission. Is that your favorite charity? And what are your plans for working with them in the future?

BooBoo: Actually the Los Angeles Mission is a great thing we do. We actually just went there for Easter. We feed the homeless every Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas so it’s really awesome. We get up, unfortunately we have to get up really early, but we get up really early cause it’s a great thing to do and it’s a really nice thing to do. We go feed the homeless and I feel so bad – but we do it, we do it. It feels good when you’re done and you feel like wow I helped a lot of people out today so that’s awesome.

Q: Do you feel a lot of pressure, not just as a young actor but also as a Native American?

BooBoo: You know not really, I don’t really feel too much pressure. I just do my best and hope that’s good enough for everyone. But I just really try as hard as I can.

Q: Gender aside, if you could play anyone else in the movie, was there anyone you would have liked to play?

BooBoo: Actually I really love the character Seth. If he was a real person, he’d be a lot like me. He just seems like a down-to-earth, just chill guy and he you know wants everyone to get along. So I think I’d still just keep my character.

All: Thanks BooBoo!

BooBoo: Thank you!