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Booboo Stewart stars in the new issue of In Love Magazine for the Summer 2021 issue with his brand new photoshoot and magazine spread.

We have uploaded 10 shots of Booboo from the Photoshoot and 18 scans from the Magazine + some behind the scenes photos! Until then, you can read an excerpt from the interview below under the “Read More” and the full interview in our Press Archive and on the official website!

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Booboo & Davin (known collectively as that band Honey.) got together and was interviewed by Chloe of The Permanent Rain Press and it was posted to YouTube in full, which is a glorious 44 minutes of them covering all the topics you could possibly ask for!

You can watch below!


We made it a mission to acquire the December 2010 issue of Life Story Magazine to fully acquire Booboo’s article and interview to fully provide it for our Press Archive which you can read the full article by clicking here!

Along with acquiring the full article for fans of Booboo all over, we also were able to release the full set of scans from Booboo throughout the 99 page magazine, therefore these are deemed as exclusives and are tagged with our watermark but you can view them in the gallery now!


Booboo has another awesome new photoshoot taken by David Katzinger for Schon Magazine, that was taken back in October 2020 but released this week with an awesome new interview to boot!

You can read the full article on SchonMagazine.com or below the cut!

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Speaking with ET Canada just days before The Grinch Musical airs on NBC at 8PM on December 9th, Booboo gets a chance to talk about his character and what that means to him and gives us a deeper dive into his role as Young Max.


Booboo got with Buzzfeed to take a quiz to determine which combination of Twilight and Disney character he is! Watch the video below to find out his result!



Booboo Stewart recently sat down with toofab (over Zoom) to talk about a wide range of his projects and what it’s like on set with his castmates, talks about his early life and growing up on his family ranch and more!


TV Guide was able to get the entire cast together via Zoom so they could play a ghostly version of the iconic game, Would You Rather. Of course, Booboo was a part of the interview and you can check out all of his ghostly answers below!


Booboo along with the rest of the cast talk about their dream ghost dates, where they are dating a ghost and where they would take them on that date, which Booboo said he would take them to have a picnic on the White House lawn.


E! News has released more Julie and the Phantoms content as Booboo appears in a new video with the cast talking about (a possible) Season 2! So you can see what the cast wants to happen in the show going forward.