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The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reported that Booboo Stewart is set to star in the movie adaptation of Caleb’s Crossing, which is a historical novel by Geraldine Brooks.

You can read the full article below or at the Hollywood Reporter’s website:

Twilight actor Booboo Stewart has grabbed the lead role in Radar Pictures’ movie adaptation of Geraldine Brooks’ historical novel Caleb’s Crossing.

Stewart will play the title character Caleb Cheeshahteaumuck, the first Native American graduate of Harvard University and the inspiration for Brooks’ novel. A member of the Wampanoag tribe near Martha’s Vineyard, Caleb graduated from Harvard with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1665, studying Latin and Greek among the colonial elite.

Caleb eventually returned to his tribal island as a Harvard scholar, having crossed a complex and seemingly unbridgeable cultural divide between Native Americans and white settlers. “I am very honored to be a part of this project and so proud we can bring Caleb’s amazing story to life,” Stewart said of taking the lead role.

Stewart will also produce Caleb’s Crossing, with Native American filmmaker Chris Eyre (Smoke SignalsWe Shall Remain) on board to co-produce. “Telling this story of Native American history and the major accomplishments of Native Peoples is paramount to ‘our story’ as Americans. Booboo is the perfect lead that will take us to new frontiers together,” said Eyre in his own statement.

The film adaptation will be developed by Stewart, Radar Pictures, Graham Thorburn and screenwriters Mary Ann Barnes and Sheila Barnes as they pen the adapted screenplay. Maria Frisk and Michael Napoliello will produce for Radar, while Ted Field will executive produce.


We have now made the Obsessing Alone lyrics available in our archive as an exclusive set of lyrics! If you use them anywhere (in full), please credit us as a source since they most likely wouldn’t be posted elsewhere.

Enjoy singing along to Booboo’s newest single!


It’s Booboo’s birthday! We hope the day is as wonderful as him and we hope he’s celebrating it with everyone important to him! 🙂


Booboo has released an early birthday gift for us as he released his brand new song, Obsessing Alone which he has written, produced and recorded completely by himself!!

You can stream the song on his soundcloud and the lyrics will come to our Lyric Archive soon as an exclusive set of lyrics! (since they most likely won’t appear elsewhere)


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Booboo Stewart teamed up with Dance Floor Murder to put together a brand new photoshoot for all the fans. We have added over 30 photos of the shoot to our gallery, which you can quickly view by clicking below on the thumbnails!

Photoshoots > 2021 > Dance Floor Murder

Booboo’s newest movie, The Never List, has just been released to select theaters in multiple states as of December 11th, 2020! The film stars: Fivel Stewart (Booboo’s sister), Jonathan Bennett, Andrew Kai and Keiko Agena among more stars.

Booboo’s role in the movie seems minor as he is only listed as being Lead Singer, where he’s the lead singer of a rock band that helps Eva finish another item on the never list.

16-year old Eva (Fivel Stewart) is as overachieving as they come. Running for student class president while juggling a heavy academic schedule and planning the upcoming school dance, Eva dreams of becoming a comic book artist – something she knows her helicopter mom would never support. Since elementary school, Eva and her BFF Liz (Brenna D’Amico) have cosplayed their alter-egos, “Vicky” and “Veronica,” as a way to release the pressure they feel. Together, they imagine Vicky and Veronica doing highly questionable, even illegal, acts that the real Eva and Liz would never do… acts they document in “The Never List.” When Liz dies in a tragic accident, Eva is filled with anger and regret thinking about all the things Liz never did out of fear of risking her future… a future she ultimately would never have. Eva decides the best way to honor her best friend’s memory is to complete The Never List. At first this journey leads her to romance and adventure, but as the list progresses, her actions begin threatening the very foundations of her carefully planned teenage life and even her own future.


The Paul Becker Channel over on YouTube has posted a nice behind the scenes look at Booboo Stewart as Willie in Julie and the Phantoms during one of his skate stunts on the show. Check out the video to see how it was done!


The official trailer for Booboo’s newest television series, Paradise City, will officially hit the streaming service, Amazon Prime in March of 2021 (no official day given yet.) and we have finally gotten the full official trailer, which you can view below!


Booboo stars in one of his first musicals as Young Max in Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Musical! which premieres tonight (December 9th, 2020) on NBC at 8PMEST. We have went ahead and added Production Stills and Promotional Shoot images of Booboo in character to the gallery!